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HELP! HELP HELP!!! Date: Jun 14th @ 4:44pm EDT
Well hello there little Magic Fans, boys and girls, tansexuals and what other stuff are there.. cause i have heard there is a lot of fucking genders out there.. some people identify themselves as all kind of shit.. choppers and cars and stuff.. we going to be fooked soon with all this stupidity.. oh well.. praying for the best...

Leaving that behind us, i just wanted to see how u all doing??? is good to write here on this blog and say all the shit i can think about in general..
But i do hope u guys read this cause this is the other part of NM that u guys don;t see online.. the part that hates the fact that members are cheap and wants 3cumshots, 2bj;s and 4 dildos in the ass all at the prices of 0.99$ and if the model can give them half back would be even beter LOOOL!
I mean common, i don;t expect for every single guy/girl on here that have a MEMBER acount and spends ( tokens.. ) on the sites to be a milionare.. but common stop demanding all that shit for free or for 2 3 $ .. honestly we are human beeings and not robots... not sexual objects and i do love a good talking even if its FOR FREE! so come see me and talk with me.. love learning new stuff and words and everything else..

Anyway, other than that wanted to tell u that i will be moving in jully so will be more shows from my new place to.. all over the place... in the bathtub maybe... in the back yard. fucking my ass on the kitchen counter top?? u name it hahhaa
So i hope to see u on my room and talk more with me , act more, play more and def share a tip with the MAGIC MAN!!!

Love you guys and as usual ..DO HUGS NOT DRUGS!!! kiss kiss
a little problem... Date: Jun 3rd @ 4:57pm EDT
Hey guys.. welcome back to the Magic's blog where i say here everything that goes to my mind, my daily struggles and my deepest desires and all together topped with my accomplishments

So the moving part is taking on FOREVER>. i think it will be another 1 month until u will see me broadcasting from my kitchen, the back porch ( outside in the sun ) or in the bath-tub sexy and hot all full of bubbles hehe
But the real problems comes here on the sites.. i am not getting any help fro m you guys.. a little help is all i need all i ask from you cause the site beeing empty will not help me acomplish this dream and wont let me logg on the site anymore if i dont get a few creddits soon.. they have a targer that u need to get or u willl get leave out of it is not something i want to.. i love being online and talking with u guys , sharing my body my mind laughs and the songs with u .. of course the naked body to hahahha love stroking it to be honest.. with u guys is good cause it feels like i am haveing sexual interactions with new people every time and is fucking awesome.. guys, gurls transexuals... i dont mind.. I LOVE FUCKING! i love having sex and it drives me crazzy if i dont blow a load
So all i ask for u is come talk with me.. come interact with me in on of my rooms online here , from 4:30PM EST everyday ( except Friday ) and maybe who knows.. u will like who u will find talking back at u behind this screen Don't be a stranger and help a cam model out, but thats all up to u guys.. i cant force u to do something u dont like.. i am not doing that and will never do it !

SO stay sexy, stay wild and remmeber.. do HUGS not DRUGS!! kiss kiss
keep pushing it Date: May 24th @ 5:16pm EDT
hey hey there u little perverts... how u all doing in this fine Thursday???
Well i want to start by saying that i am good,keeping online , but is hard since i started to be slower and slower on the incomes and i dont know how i am gona make it and stay on surface soon... i mean, is starting to be slow and the competition more and more everywhere u look is a model online looking good and trying to make his share of the credits, tokens or what else they are paying nowadays...
Anyway, as i said in my precvious blogs every Credit from you guys is appreciated and i am really trying to make it worth ur time by talking, laughing and of course showing u the Magic.. any part that interests you from it.. the Magic wand or the Magic hole hahahaha
Leaving the joke aside u can alwayes find me online from 4:30 EST time .. and on about 4 sites os look for NeillMagic caue he has the Reall Magic4U!
Oh, and before i close this entry for today i wanted to shout out to u that if u wnat to talk or somehting else u can find me on Snapchat to @neillmagic of course for pics., updates and other stuff right there on the spot. oh and the #twitter of course.. love posting!
Oh and i am almost ready to move guys..another month or so and i will have the house of my dreams and will be ALL MINE to run naked aroudn and fuck with u guys and spend some time in every part of the house..
Until then come find me #online everyday right here.. being ur Friendly Magician..

remmeber guys, do HUGS NOT DRUGS!!
Kiss kiss muah!
a dream cumming true... Date: May 9th @ 8:39pm EDT
hey guys.. i haven't said a word here in a while...
I am back with updates on me moving,.which i think it will be by the end of this month, depending on other stuff with banks and shit.. u know that and all the pappers u need nowadays for anything u buy or rent...
So everything is working good and soon i will be able to do personalized videos from home from bathrooms or even naked cooking..
Again every tip of ur will be appreciated to help me for the NEW HOUSE funds ..

And i wanted to thank to a special guy and friend of mine who showed me a dif face of the music and the singers and another kind of history that i didnt knew about it.. is nickname is Monteward and i want to thank him right here for everybody to see and know he is a good kind man and very sweet and alsow generous and i really appreciate that and he is welcome in my room anyday at any moment like you guys to.. don't be shy to stop by for a quick hello,, for a vibe up my ass or for a long cumshot show.. now depends what rocks ur boat!
u can find me as usual on Twitter @Neillmagic to keep in touch and any questions u have...

Hope to see u all on my page and as u know i am online everyday from 4:30EST time!

and remmber guys.. DO HUGS NOT DRUGS!! muah !!
EXCITED!!!!! Date: Apr 29th @ 4:37pm EDT
how u doing my little perverts??i wonder do anybody read this blogs?? at least 1 person that actually likes reading this stuff.. u know i wonder sometimes if it has a meaning all i say here and if you guys actually enjoy knowing a bit more from my personal life outside this screen that u see me everyday ( except Firdays when i am off )
Oh well i will keep writting here so if if somebody actually read this u can find me online on the site and u can come talk with me about it or at least let me know..

So i wanted to tell u today about the fact that i almost got caught by my friends GF Friday night... we where at his place playing some football/ soccer ( depends how is called in ur place ) and we where all good, 3 4 corronas, hot inside the house so we had only our shorts on, no shirts at all... the game was so loud, we where banging the PS4 joysticks so hard trying to beat one another but that shit and the beers lead to another kind of beat.. if u know what i mean.. beat the meat kinda job hahaha
He is a bisexual guy just like me and his gf has no probl letting him go out with the guys but she has no ideea what tthat little devil can take down his troath.. i mean he is a fuckign industrial vaccum cleaner man.. he sucks ur brains out trough ur damn DICK! ..anyway we go playing and playing and suddenly at some poing he gets mad and jumps up the couch and i see that dick going up and down in this pants.. i was like DAMN! i need that.... he sat back down and saw me catched a glimse of his cock . that was fucking hot.. he sad fuck this game... and pushed me back on the couch... got my shorts off and suckked the hell out of my cock... flipped me over., rimmed my ass... OMG was a fucking tongue feast in there.. tossed the shit out of my salad...
and what do u hear?? the fucking key in the door.. i jumped so fast from that couch even the fucking Flash would be jealous at me hahhaha

anyway we got away without getting caugh, i hid in thge bathroom,put some cold water on my dick and make it go away.....
we barelly made it .. but was fucking good and i would like doing it again anytime he wants to...
Come share a fucking hot experience with me or hear me telling u more of my crazzy stuff :D kiss kiss
summer.... Date: Apr 22nd @ 5:06pm EDT
Sup guys??? how u all doing this lovely Sunday ( the day i wrote this )

I just wanted to keep u all posted on my personal life outside this sites and not in the view of the webcam.. .
I have told u that i am gonna keep u posted with my moving in the new place and is gona happen soon enough guys.. will be an empty place for now since i am not going to afford to buy all the furniture i have in mind but in the future with ur help i hope i can do a nice confy place for me to live and make some broadcasts for u guys to ...
Will be able to see me cooking, taking a bath or maybe other stuffs to.. who knows?maybe a balcony session?? outside in the garden trying not to make to much noise?? who knows in what trouble and kinky stuff we can get in that place.. .
So until then dont forget to stop by my room to talk, get to know me better and maybe help me out a bit with my cause or just stop by to talk and have have some laughs!!
U guys will alwayes be welcome in my room and on my sites.>!!
and remember guys... do HUGS not DRUGS!
Pictures... Date: Apr 16th @ 4:37pm EDT
Hey guys... i go my new pictures yesterday and they are very cool... made some shots in a nice bar i usually attend to cause i wanted u guys to feel closer to me and share a little something of me when i am not on webcam .. oh and i included some pics of me by the lake.. is a cool lake we have near by and i love going there for some walks or just to be in a quiet place and get my thoughts straight u know/.?? that moments when u need to think about something or u need to take a decision... is fucking awesome and i hope u like the pics.. if u want to say something about them u can find me online almost everyday @4:30 PM -EST....
Other than that what to tell u guys.. u can come up with any subject and questions on twitter to @NeillMagic... i answer there to messages and posts anytime. .
Hope u guys have a fucking AWESOME week ahead and remember.. DO HUGS, NOT DRUGS!! kisses
Dream come true... Date: Apr 13th @ 4:46pm EDT
well hello my little perverts.. how you all doing in this lovely Friday on the 13th??? spooky?? well if u are home alone and cant sleep come hang out with me cause i can make the MONSTERS disappear hahaha

Anyway, i havent wrote anything here in a while but i wanted to tell u guys that one of my biggest dream of mine is gona happen soon... the dream of having a place of my own and be free to do what i want when i want in it as my heart desires...
i couldnt do it without the help off u guys here on this sites that helped me with little by little and i was able to get the house of my dreams :P
I will be broadcasting a new show in a month or 2 from the new place but will still be in this room here entertaining u guys everynight as u know that by now.,..
The Schedule will be the same and u can find me here everyday from Saturday to Thursday from 4:30 PM EST!
oh, and i forgot to tell u that the Easter i had was a BLAST! i was a lazzy fucker in the big part but was fun seeing the familly and old friends for a change
Will keep u all posted in new updates and stuff.. OH BTW! i will be getting new pics soon.. be sure to watch out for them.. i am supper dupper HOT!! or so i was told ehehe
Love you guys... see u on any of the sites that u know me
Do hugs, not drugs!
easter is comming.. Date: Apr 5th @ 11:49pm EDT
hey guys.... i havent said anything in a while here so i decided to talk about my easter.. the european easter that we celebrate this upcoming weekend...
First i want to say that i wont be online saturday-sunday-monday but in excanghe u will see me online right here Friday wich is not my ussually scheduel but for being off 3 days i got to be here and spend osme time with u peeps cause being online means a lot to me.. well i do hate it sometimes when people just beg for a free show fro me or i hate it when people go spend credits in other rooms and come back to my room to beg for free stuff.. i mean common!!!

So i will have a mini vaction this upcomin weekend but i will comne back with new pics for u guys , maybe a dirty kinky video and a new Blog Entry telling you if i was a naughty rabbit and hunted for some big fat balls i mean eggs hahahah

Love ya guys!! do hugs not drugs.. kiss
ohmibod Date: Mar 27th @ 11:09pm EDT
hey you all doing today???
Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog here and i love writing a little something for you everyday to keep you posted on all the stuff that i do and my personal life outside the camera ...
for now i would like to talk about the best toy that made me cum a lot.. and i mean A LOT!

The way the ohmibod Freestyle G vibrated my prostate was like from another world man.. was amazing!! i loved it cause it hits the right spot but it was a bit to long and was rigid and couldn't use it for a long time cause my ass was getting so sore and got some rashes from the matterial that is made off.. so i had to change.. i had to change to a new dif toy cause now i am addicted and i need to use one.. i need to use one so i can get a nice prostate stimulation while i jerk my cock .. i dont use lube but love spitting on it and shove it in my ass and let the the rest hang out like a little pink tail... YES t's a Love Lush that girls are using it.. is perfect.. is wirelles, is like an egg and fits perfectly in my ass.. doesent bother me and i can use it all night long.. that little bastard will stimulate my ass all night long if people wants to work it nice and good.. i can sit on it, i can stand up or even sit on hard surfaces.. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!
Hope i got ur attention and you would like to try it with me in a PVT room or in a party chat with everybody else... is your call and i am ready to make u go wild anytime .. u can find me right here 4:30 EST! love ya guys.. stay tuned for more blog entries.. kisses and hugs
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