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My double life Date: Nov 12th @ 5:41pm EST
I was born in a beautiful place on this side of word and i grown well all these years. As a young msn I was very energic one ,very curios and also very shy. It was a contradiction in my mind starting at 14 when i discovered for the first time my sexuality . It was a very strange feeling watching myself in the mirror while my cock is growing hard .My first impresion about sexuality was that i like my cock instead a girl pussy...and I acted like that. During the High School I startd to watch more excited a man walking around me, my friends ,my colleagues, the boys in my neighborhood....also I tried to watch girls to see the differences between them ...I realized in a very short time what I like ,what makes me feel excited, what part of a human makes me feel my pants groving big and my hearbeating runing fsater....well,from that that moment I went to the school library and started to study more about what is happening in my heart and mind as I discovered very soon the homosexuality ....i was fascinated reading the first book then the second , the third and so so
To be continued ...
A trip to the ocean!!! Date: Oct 23rd @ 5:52pm EDT
I am i want to tell u about a trip that i am dreaming of!!!I would like one day to get to the ocean...i am have this dream since i was a younger seeing movies and in magazines tallking and pictures off the ocean and all the semi naked men there all build like on the computer made in photoshop :lol
So after i finish my schooll wich i have 1 more year out of it i will love to go to an ocean...maybe MIAMI?bu all of this are just wishes and dont think they will happened very soon but i am an optimist guy and hope one day all of this will come true and maybe who knows, with the hellp of you guys and some luck i will see my dream come true!!!
Fishing trip!! Date: Oct 21st @ 7:26pm EDT
Hey there guys...i havent wrotte here in a whille....
i wanted to share with u today my fishing trip from this past weekend..
I had sleeped all saturday to get lots of energy and to be ready for the sunday morning fhishing trip and catch a big white shark (LOL)
I had been onlline here saturday night and after a disaster night and very very slow with no income i had leaved studio with other 3 guys,one of them has a car, and to the adventure ahead!
We stoped by to get some fishing bates and at 6:30 AM we were on the lake,fishing rods planted and waitting for some big fishes to catch!
we stood there and had been a freezing air with the sun raising up at around 7:30 we kind freezed our asses and would sure need some ,,action' to warm them up!!
Finally after 3 h of waitting we had some action in the lake but not so good at all..expensive lake,and very nice but poor in fishes :(
We cathced like 4 fishes a person but all small like 100-200 gr per fish so nothing interesting...and on top of that got with the car stucked there and had to push it out but made it home saftelly with mud in the boots,no fishes to eat and dead tired ! Was a nice trip,fun but also anoying and i will not do it again...its done for the year and will whait for the summer time to comme back and take me to new lakes to fish...
Hope u liked and read my storry and will be back here with more... THX GUYS!~
Just ME! Date: Oct 17th @ 5:01pm EDT
Hey guys....i am here again with a storry for you...
Was thinking to say some few things about me, to proper introduce myself here and for u to know me better and maybe stop by for some tallk in the chat or follow me in the twitter line:)
I am here on this site for a bit of fun and maybe more but as every performer here i cant dennie that i am not here for the money to.
I am 22 years old,bisexual guy with a great personality and a great sence of humor with a great varietty of things that i like...
First of all i live allone, in a rented place,studying in the day time at the universitty and beeing here onlline in the night,since this is my only incomme for me!
I am single, my bf dumped me 4 mounths ago because i wasant good for him and he wanted something more from life so since then i am using my time between gym,school,work and wallking my big dog in the park! I am a romantic but spontain guy, like to go to clubs,dance, have a couple of beers but not over the line...
I am waitting to get the driving licence so I am trying to save money to do the driving school and mayeb in the futtue get a car to, nothing fancy,just to hellp me move into town!!!
I am a top guy,loves sloppy bj,sleep in eachothers arms and rim some nice sweet ass!!!:)
(cant exclude the 69, its a favorite)
So if u wanna stop by to tallk more u can allwayes found me around here for some chat,play and maybe more..who knows afterall, we can find our love here !!
will be back tomorrow with another page and maybe a fun story to tell....see ya guys
a day at the gym.... Date: Oct 16th @ 6:14pm EDT
Hey there everybody..hope somebody read my first post here so i will try and let another one for u guys!!!
After that willd parrty and a nice headacke the next day i went to school, 3rd year manangment and tourism in the universitty, and after a long long scheduell hours with diferent fucking teachers that i hate to death (except one that hes SMOKING HOT!!) , i went to the gym for a 2 hour workout!!
Got there,changed near a sweatty big muscle guy that gived me a fucking bonner and after that i went outside the locker and stayed at the windwo for 10 min so the bonner can pass lol
I had made my ussual arms workout and some running a bit to work on those dam abs that are under construction (LOL), and was wathcing a guy struggeling to lift 660lbs on his tinny little boddy who maybe was half the weight he wanted to lift !!!
Anyway...eventually i got home, made a nice hot shower and got onlline to have some fun and meet new guys;)
So i will keep u posted here, and hope somebody is reading this if not i will writte and writte here cause i like it!!!
take care folks...kisses from the magic NEILL! ;)
Weekend parrty...... Date: Oct 15th @ 6:40pm EDT
Hey there...I wanted to tell u about my weekend experience for the last weekend...i am a newbie here so take it easy on me...
I love parrties!!!! Since i am at school, 3rd year in managment and tourism in the day and working here in the night online, i dont have time in the day for preaty much else than school and gym!
so in the last weekend had a breaktrough.... a BIG BIG partty in my neighbour where i was invited... got my nice tight white shirt,skinny pants so the guys\
girls can checkout my buns and went there...
Was a big big huge crowd there,boose, music, no drugs (thank God for that) but was an hell of a parrty!!!
well i ended up parttying, getting something to drink and with a nice 3some (me,a guy, and a girl) with lots of nasty things and beautiful memoryes in head now..!!!
In the morning i got up with a huge headacke, a nice sore cock (lol) but my ass wasant hurting, so thats a good thing!! :) ( I am a top bisexual guy) weekend, nice party and cant whait for more to happened...
Will keep u posted!
Signed, Neill with the magic stuff!!! kiss
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